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Hi guys, I am Woori the Mascot 😻, boss of the CatLab, we have Minho & Winnie in our team, Minho 👨🏻‍💻 is very detail and careful developer, Winnie 👩🏻‍💻 loves to design minimal, clean and user-friendly products.
At CatLab, we design and code beautiful simple things on web and mobile, and we are crazily in ❤️ with what we do. We take work seriously but we don't forget to have fun.


At the Cat Lab, we are building web/ app products, bring ideas into life and make them profitable businesses. It’s been a fun and interesting journey, full of joy and challenges. We have launched few products with help from maker's communities: Woman Make , Maker's Kitchen and keep testing new features in our Lab.
Minho and Winnie work very hard, as the cat & the boss, my job is to eat catnip 🌿and 👀them.


Nomad Wallet app is the travel expense tracker to help you quick add your expense entries on the road, available on Appstore and GooglePlay.

Tech Stacks🏅: React Native, Redux, MongoDB, Xcode, Android Studio, Sketch, Figma

WABI SABI - chrome extension

Wabisabi in Japanese means the Beauty of Imperfection, Wabisabi is the mindfulness life progress dashboard. You can see what percentage of your working day, month, year and life have passed every time you open a new tab with Zen background images.

Tech Stacks🏅: React, TypeScript, Unsplash, Figma


We also collaborated with clients to work on their projects. We are always available to help in any way and we like forming lasting relationships with every client.

Laundry Homes app app store play store

LaundryHomes is a Mobile laundry O2O service in Korea. We cooperated with a backend team to implement iOS/Android apps.

Tech Stacks🏅: React Native, Redux, TypeScript, Styled-components

Snippod web/mobile Front-End

Snippod is a social networking website targeting mainly Korean market. We cooperated with Snippod team as a front-end development team.

Tech Stacks🏅: React, Redux, Less, Node.js

MABO meditation iOS app app store

Mabo is the first meditation app in Korea, available in Appstore. We cooperated with backend developer of Mabo.

Tech Stacks🏅: React Native, Redux, Xcode, Firebase

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